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The CCIFC-Investors Club is a not-for-profit platform facilitated by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (CCIFC). CCIFC makes no representation about the Candidate Projects proposed by Entrepreneurs and Companies to potential Investors and assumes no responsibility for any loss that may result from investment in such projects.

Our Mission

Submit your project

Q: How to submit a project ?
A: You need to provide two documents:

    #1: Your Business Plan: a PDF of Max. 20 slides (Annex Non Incl.)

    #2 : The financials (P&L, cash flow projection etc...)

Q: Who do I send these documents to ?
A: Thanks for sending your documents to the following:

     -Morgan Lefevre-CCIFC Advertising Director & Working Groups Manager-
    -Laurent Ginioux-CCIFC Investors Club Coordinator-

Q: How will your project be assessed ?
A: The Selection Committee aims at selecting "Presentable" projects for the pitch day.

For this, each selected project will go through the following "Filter":

    -Step #1: Written Evaluation:  Evaluation Grid

    If Pre-selected:

    -Step #2: Oral Evaluation: Entrepreneurs will present their projects to the Selection Committee,  in a "Live Session" at the CCIFC;

Q: What is the timeline for Project Submission?
A:  The call for application starts on February 21st and closes on March 24th.

No project will be considered after March 21st.

Q: Which language to use for these documents?
A: Documents will be written in english only.

Q: Which language to use for the pitch day?
A: The whole presentation will be done in english only.

Q: Is there a fee to pay to submit a Project?
A:  No, it is free to submit a project to the Selection Committe and to go through the Pitch Day, if selected.

Next Pitch Day :  April 13th !

You are an entrepreneur, company or start-up looking for funds/financing to launch, start or develop your project? Submit your project to the CCIFC-Investors Club !